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Mike Brunner

California Guitar Academy owner Mike Brunner has been playing and teaching guitar professionally for more than 20 years.  His experience brings understanding of students’ needs. This active, thoughtful listening is a big part of Mike’s teaching approach, as he helps students achieve their guitar playing goals and simultaneously create new ones.



Josue Quiquivix

Guitarist Josue Quiquivix appreciates teaching a wide range of styles including Spanish guitar and Country Blues. His teaching environment is always relaxed and fun, making him a favorite of our younger student musicians.

Mike Sanjuan

Along with being an accomplished guitarist, Mike Sanjuan also is an excellent songwriter. Mike enjoys covering all the important fundamentals of guitar playing; in addition, he makes an ideal ‘songwriting coach’ for students who wish to improve their own creative skills.


Debbie Carter

Vocalist Debbie Carter has been teaching for 16 years. A true people person, Debbie handles the very personal task of voice teaching with ease and confidence. Her students always seem to be reaching new goals and singing past their initial expectations.

Whittney Mikkél

Talented pianist Whittney Mikkél has great experience teaching to a wide variety of students. Her love for music, attention to detail and genuine care for the students’ education make her an excellent teacher for those interested in beginning or fine tuning their keyboard skills.


Blas Perez

Los Angeles based musician Blas Perez brings over 20 years of bass playing experience to his teaching environment. With a never-ending quest for his own improvement, Blas encourages his students to reach their immediate music-related goals while creating a path for further discovery and accomplishment.

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