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Mike Brunner

California Guitar Academy owner Mike Brunner has been playing and teaching guitar professionally for more than 30 years. His experience brings an understanding to the needs of his students. This active and thoughtful listening is a big part of Mike’s teaching approach, as he helps students achieve their guitar playing goals while simultaneously creating new ones.


Albert Digat

Los Angeles based musician, Albert Digat, offers over a decade of guitar mastery to his curriculum. Constantly refining his craft, Albert motivates his students to achieve their musical aspirations, guiding them towards continual growth and success in their musical journeys.


Adam Hansard

Adam Hansard, a seasoned guitarist and instructor, brings passion and expertise to his teaching. With a focus on personalized learning and skill development, Adam guides students towards achieving their musical aspirations while nurturing their creativity and technique.

Whittney Mikkél

Talented pianist Whittney Mikkél has great experience teaching to a wide variety of students. Her love for music, attention to detail and genuine care for the students’ education make her an excellent teacher for those interested in beginning or fine tuning their keyboard skills.

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