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"Great place to learn music. A good solid group of guys that can handle everything from kids starting out to seasoned adults. My sons and I have all taken lessons from people that work here and we all have enjoyed our experiences."     -- Vincent V.

"Mike is a great teacher with plenty of patience. Been there for a few years and always learning a new techniques or new knowledge about guitars. My son also takes lessons as well. If ya wanna learn, this is the place to go."   --- Brian B.

"The perfect place to learn true understanding of musicianship. I've been learning from Mike for about seven years and every single lesson has been different and unique in a way that made studying music and becoming a great guitar player fun and exciting. The instructors can adapt to your style of music making it a different experience for everyone with the same high quality lesson! Even now with my college music theory classes, Mike Brunner's teachings have helped me travel along the course with ease. Definitely the place to go, for any age and any experience level. A true professional establishment!"     --- Robert B.

"California Guitar Academy is an amazing place. The teachers are passionate and always go beyond the call of duty for their students. Individualized instruction, excellent mentors and positive role models. Josue and Mike have worked with my son (a 5th grader now) since he was in kinder. They have even come out to my son's elementary school recitals - How awesome is that?! We are so grateful."   --- Aceves Family

"I have been a student of Mike Brunner for 5 years now and I recommend California Guitar Academy to any aspiring guitar player. Mike’s method of teaching is excellent for the serious musician, regardless of playing style, and the environment is great for learning."     --- Alex A.

"California Guitar Academy is truly a great place to learn music. The teachers are great; they are super friendly and really know their stuff. You can also tell they care about the students. The place itself is neat and professional. If you want a positive musical experience, check it out!"    ---  Celina A.

"Mike Brunner of California Guitar Academy is a phenomenal, knowledgeable teacher and musician. He's very approachable and easy to work with. He loves teaching and music so much that he inspires me to practice and become a better guitar player. Mike makes learning an instrument fun. He works with both adults and kids on all types of guitars and music styles, and we all have fun. The location is easy to find and feels safe; the learning and waiting areas are so clean and relaxing, and are decorated with posters and photos of great guitar players. Learning guitar with Mike Brunner at the Academy has been awesome -- I've never had a teacher like him."    --- Maria V.

"I recently began studying guitar at the Academy with teacher/owner Mike Brunner and could NOT be HAPPIER! (I am a drummer who has known Mike for many years, but just recently started guitar lessons with him). The facility is highly professional, spacious and extremely impressive, with clean, modern fixtures and amenities and ample parking in back. Having had the unique honor of performing with Mike in a prior musical project, I can honestly say without bias or hyperbole that Mike is quite simply the most technically proficient, soulfully expressive and versatile guitar player I have ever met -- which is why I chose him as a teacher.


His mind-blowing playing ability is only matched by his absolute natural gifts as an educator and his amiable personality. Mike has ensured that his staff are also outstanding guitarists as well as great teachers. What I appreciate most about Mike is how he customizes his lesson approach to the needs and skill level of each student, rather than using the boilerplate, one-size-fits-all curriculum other music teachers employ. Mike knows how to build on strengths in technique, to customize exercises for weaker areas, and to instill confidence in his students. (Other students have had similar positive experiences with CA Guitar Academy. As a drummer by trade, I am often approached by people needing referrals to guitar teachers. I have always referred them to Mike and his team and have always gotten very positive feedback). Mike is already making me not only a better guitarist, but a better musician. I have already learned a great deal so far, and look forward to each lesson. I VERY HIGHLY RECOMMEND the California Guitar Academy!!!    ---  Fred S.

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